In this article, we will list all the Issues which is fixed in the May 2016 CU/PU. As we all Know about this thing, there is no more separate product for the Project server. SharePoint binaries include the Project Server in it. So now CU contains project Server Fixes as Well. 

Improvements and fixes:

Fixes the following issue:

Project Server 2016

  1. When you change a resource in the resource center in Project 2016, you receive the following error message if the resource has an email language set:
    The e-mail language for this resource is not valid.
  2. Consider the following scenario:
    1. A project in which tasks have been published to team members is checked out.
    2. As a team member, you assign yourself to a task from the project.
    3. You add actual work to the task.
    4. You submit the task and work for approval.
    5. The new task is approved.
    6. The task on which the assignment was made, and it's deleted from the project and the project is then saved and checked in.
  3. In this situation, the update transaction is listed as successful even though the update isn't  applied.
  4. When you add an assignment to an existing task on a timesheet, you receive the following error message:
    error loading.

    This issue occurs if the project name has the "&" character.
  5. Within the schedule web part, if you apply a filter on an enterprise field that has a lookup, no tasks are displayed for the project.
  6. When a team member submits time against an administrative task and the task requires approval, an e-mail notification intended for the approver is sent to the team member.
  7. When you switch to a different filter type on the Manage Queue Jobs page, you may receive the following error message if many jobs are present:
    Sorry, something went wrong.
  8. Incorrect availability or capacity is displayed on the Capacity Planning page. For example, 7.5h becomes 8h.
  9. Resource Engagement data is deleted after a full publish of a project.
  10. After you upgrade Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2016, large PWA sites become read-only.

SharePoint Server 2016

  1. Follow sites function fails in the multiple farm topology.
  2. SharePoint help content isn't displayed by using a fallback language for some languages, such as ca-es (Catalan), eu-es (Basque), gl-es (Galician), sr-cyrl-rs (Serbian (Cyrillic)), bs-latn-ba (Bosnian (Latin)), cy-gb (Welsh), mk-mk (Macedonian), ga-ie (Irish), prs-af (Dari), az-latn-az (Azeri (Latin)).


  • To apply this update, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 installed.

Restart information:

  • You may have to restart the computer after you install this update.

Schema Change:

  • This update will update the database schema so that's mean schema version  as well as Patch Version will change.

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