On this Page, we will configure the Site usage confirmation and deletion settings for a web app.

You have to be careful when you configure Site user confirmation and deletion settings. If you properly plan these features, then a big advantage is that your farm is cleaned (no inactive site collection) and free the resources in the farm (i.e. storage, resources a site collection use). This feature required proper planning before enabling it because you can lose the data (site collections).

In order to use this feature, an outgoing email must be configured in the farm, because SharePoint will send the email notification to the owner of the Site collection for user confirmation.


Krossfarm wants to enable the site collection usage confirmation and deletion settings for their TeamWeb app. They decide to check the site usage confirmation after 180 days and run the timer job weekly at 12 am. They also want to configure to automatically delete the site collection once usage is not confirmed after 14 notices served.


  • Login on the Central admin
  • Configure the Site Collection Usage and Deletion settings for teamweb app.

Must Have

  • A backup procedure must be in place
  • A secondary Site collection administrator (to avoid any mess-up), SharePoint sends the email notification to both Primary and secondary site collection administrator, if one of them is on vacation then other can respond.

Before Begin

Please fill the below checklist before proceeding, it will give you great advantage. I fill the checklist as per our scenario's requirement.

# Items Our Values
1 Send e-Mail notification to owners of the unused site collections Yes
2 Number of Days After That Notifications 180
3 Check for unused Site Collection( Timer Job Schedule) Day (I.e Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Weekly
4 Time 12:00AM
5 Automatically delete the site collection if use is not confirmed Yes
6 Number of Notices after that Site collection deleted. 14

To configure.

  • Login to central admin with farm admin account
  • On this page, click Application Management.

  • On this page, click Site Use Confirmation and Deletion, Under the Site Collection.
  • On the Site Use Confirmation and Deletion page, Change the Web application
    • Click Arrow next to the Web Application ( URL)
    • Select the Change Web Application

  • Select the TeamWeb Web Application.

  • On the Confirmation and Automatic Deletion Settings Page, please enter the following information.
  1. Select the Send e-mail notification to owners of unused site collections check box.
  2. Enter 180 days, after the site creation or site usage, is confirmed.
  3. Now Select the Weekly.
  4. Run the check at 12 Am.
  5. Select the Automatically delete the site collection.
  6. Enter the 14 notices, after which a site collection will be removed.

  • Click OK.


You can read more about this feature over here: Manage unused Web sites