From the past few months I have been working with TIBCO BW and TIBCO EMS for integration and I saw TIBCO EMS adapter in BizTalk Admin console so thought of using it to send message from BizTalk to TIBCO EMS.


Just like our BizTalk's heart i.e. Messagebox, TIBCO uses TIBCO EMS for publishing and subscribing the messages. EMS is largely based on JMS (Java Messaging Service) which also uses publish and subscribe model. TIBCO EMS is an server which contains queues(one to one communication) and topics (publish and subscribe). In this article I would be using queues for communication.

What is TIBCO EMS Adapter

TIBCO EMS adapter is used to send message to queues or topics on EMS Server and later any party which had configured the queue or topic would fetch the message and EMS will remove the message from its queue or topic as soon as the message is successfully delivered and ACK is received by EMS.

For communication with EMS server we need to create a queue which would contain the messages that would be send by BizTalk Server.
Following are the commands to create a queue :

Our configuration at TIBCO is over so now lets start integrating TIBCO and BizTalk :

BizTalk Part :

In BizTalk main part is configuring the Send port of with TIBCO EMS adapter rest BizTalk development is simply dropping a file at receive location and placing an filter condition on send port to for subscription.


Main part of the adapter is configuration of queue and credential of the EMS server like below :

 The configuration shows staticqueue as we have created a pre-defined queue otherwise you can create a dynamic queue also.
Now after configuring RL and SP of BizTalk if I drop a message into receive location we can see message into the EMS server BizTalk_Connect queue:

This message will get picked only when any listener (subscriber) is listening to this queue.