This checklist will make sure you have all the required components needed to install and configure the SharePoint 2016.

This checklist is for installation and basic configuration of a SharePoint 2016 farm. This will not cover Web Application or Service Applications scenarios. For that, there will be a separate checklist.

Topic  Items  Values Description

Server Check

# Number of Servers


Total Number of Servers

Server Names





Short Name of the Server

Fully qualified Server name





Fully qualified domain for the server

IP Address





Ip Address of the Server

Server Role





Role of the Server I,e app, search, distributed cache, wen front end etc

Operating System Version





Version of OS






CPU(how many cores)






Memory on Server

Drive Space





Drive Space for C drive and others

Internet Access on Server





Make Sure Server can access to Internet

Firewall Blocking





Make Sure Firewall is not blocking any port which will be being used during installation


SQL Version





SQL version if it is DB server

Port Number





Port number on which SQL Configured

Alias to SQL





What alias being used to connect SQL






If it is Always On

File Share Path






Max Degree of





If Max Degree of Parallelism set

Max memory Setting





Make Sure Max Memory for SQL Setup

Connectivity with SharePoint Server






SharePoint Sku

SharePoint Version


What version of SharePoint will be installed i.e Ent or Std

Product Key


License Key of the SharePoint

Location of SharePoint Binaries


Media or Shared drive folder where installation files saves

Language Packs


List of all additional language packs

Location of LP binaries




Domain Name



Netbios Name


NetBios Name of the environment

SMTP Server


For outgoing Emails, we need an outbound SMTP address


Install Account


Account under SharePoint will be installed

Permission of Install account


Install account should have Local Admin at SharePoint server and DB-creator and Security admin on SQL server

Farm Admin Account


Farm admin account, which will run many services including Timers, CA app Pool etc

Permission of farm Admin account


Install account should have Local Admin at SharePoint server and DB-creator and Security admin on SQL server



Passphrase of the farm


Config DB Server


SQL Server name which will host config db

Config DB Name


Name of the Configuration DB

Central Admin Hosting


Server which will host Central Admin

Url of Central Admin


FQ URL for the Central Admin

Port Number of Central admin


Port number

SSL certs for central admin


SSL if CA will be configured as it

Location of ULS logs


Locations of the diagnostic logs

Exclusion for Antivirus


Exclude the certain folders from Antivirus Scan.