We are using SharePoint 2013 and all is fine, why should I spend money and hire the resource to migrate to SharePoint 2016? As we know, this is not a simple on/off switch that I can just upgrade to SP 2016.

Why should I upgrade to SharePoint 2016? What values will SharePoint 2016 add to my business?

I am already in SharePoint 2013 and I don’t see any dramatic changes that will be awesome for my business.

Yes, you will get the awesome things and will love SharePoint 2016; h ere are the points that show why you should upgrade to SharePoint 2016.

Reasons to upgrade to SP2016

1. Cloud – New Hybrid Possibilities with SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

SharePoint 2016 version is designed to work with your Office 365 as a major part of it. Before SharePoint 2016 we had a challenge, such as how to migrate to Cloud as full trust code cannot move to SharePoint online, but now you can leverage both things Cloud features as well as your SharePoint on premise.

The software industry is changing rapidly and everything is moving towards the cloud. Cloud is here to stay and for a longer time. Microsoft wants their on-premises customers to have a presence in the cloud. Even though SharePoint 2013 had some capabilities to connect to the cloud, SharePoint 2016 it is much better. On-premises customers have a better path to connect to Cloud and take advantages of it.

2. Stability

SharePoint 2016 is a lot more stable and a lot faster. SharePoint 2016 completely is built on cloud and delivered to on-premises customers. The same product was used by millions of online customers. It is considered as one of the most tested and stable product compared to previous versions of SharePoint. As per Microsoft, SharePoint 2016 will be considered as a base code for any future versions of SharePoint, Zero downtime with high-level support without anything to worry.

3. No support from Microsoft after some time

As per the previous version of MOSS 2007 or SP2010, you are not supported anymore. Move to SP2016 as soon as possible. SharePoint 2010 is already in extended support, a near-death mode that will continue until 2020.

4. Data loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP capabilities protect your data where it is stored when it is moved, and when it is shared. With this feature, you can monitor if any documents that contain sensitive information like, credit card number, SSN number etc and take appropriate action.

DLP feature comes with no extra cost. That means you don’t have to rely on 3rd party tools anymore. This saves your time and money and you will be secured by world’s number one product company and will have a stress free life if you are dealing with sensitive information on the cloud.

5. Durable Links

Durable Links can be a big reason to upgrade to SP2016. In file share or earlier versions of SharePoint, if you have the move the file or rename the file, the link is broken. In SharePoint 2016, you can move the document anywhere or rename, your links will not be broken anymore. This works for all office documents including PDF. This feature is very helpful, if you have bookmarked the link or shared the URL with external users.

6. OneDrive Redirection

Stay Connected with all in One Place It is partially available in SharePoint 2013 but with SharePoint 2016 you can redirect your My Sites to your Office 365 subscription’s OneDrive for Business host. In other words, if a user clicks on OneDrive, he’ll be redirected to his Office 365 My Site and no longer to his On-Premises.

7. Upload and DB size

Very big change from Database size support, you can have high volume content size in SharePoint, Earlier version it was 2 GB File size, In SP 2016, it is increased to 10 GB and the upload is done using background intelligence service (BITS) protocol rather than HTTP protocol. Also, now content DB supports Terra bytes of data.

8. Fast Site Creation in SharePoint 2016

If I will share all details and how it works you will be bored let me tell you top level what it is as per Microsoft Tech blogs Fast Site Collection Creation is a new capability in SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview that improves Site Collection creation performance by reducing Feature activation overhead. Similar to the approach associated with MinRole Site Collections that support Fast Site Collection Creation are Feature-optimized.

Fast Site Collection Creation is a mechanism designed to improve provision performance of Site Collections through instrumenting a copy operation using SPSite.Copy at the Content Database level

9. MinRoles

You can now install just the role that you want on particular SharePoint 2016 servers. This will only install what’s required there, but even better, it’ll make sure that all servers that belong to each role are compliant. You’ll also be able to convert servers to run new roles if needed

10 Sites you follow in one place

Now users can click on “Follow” both On-Premises and on their Office 365 and see them all in one place under the “Sites” app in the App Launcher.

The wizard to configure either of the simple scenarios above work very well, as long as you follow the requirements

11 Zero Downtime Patching

When we install SharePoint CU patch it is not easy and there is down time as well in SharePoint 2016 the size and number of the packages are immensely reduced. They’ve also removed the downtime previously required to update SharePoint servers

12 Removed 5,000 View Threshold

In SharePoint 2013 in A Document Library can have 30,000,000 documents, that’s never been an issue. However, many of you know that 5,000 seems to be the actual limit for many end users that don’t know they had to index their columns.

If we see the SQL content database side 5,000 view threshold is actually necessary, or our entire SharePoint would be slowed down. It prevents SQL from locking the entire database, really.

Instead of removing this unpopular threshold, they automated the creation of Indexed Columns. This means that, technically, the limit is still there, but you won’t have to worry about it

13 Increased File Size for uploads

though we still wouldn’t recommend storing large files in SharePoint, you can now go way beyond the previous 2GB limit for files. Though there’s no real limit, Microsoft has strongly recommended it stays at 10GB. Otherwise, end users will very likely get disconnected, or get a time out while uploading large files.

14 Health Analyzer

will have advanced scheduled scan which can run on servers in the farm daily. It also has the

15 User Profile Service Application is being removed

AD Import will still exist but profile sync is being removed.. because of the few issues we experienced :). If you want to still use the User Profile service, you will need to setup FIM (Forefront Identity Manager) as a separate server outside of the SharePoint Farm.

16 Auto-Indexing List View (Overriding 5000 Items Threshold)

SharePoint 2016 introduces a new Timer job called “Large list column index management” which examines the views in Lists that exceed 2,500 items and then determines the appropriate columns to create an index on. See details.