With SQL Server 2016, you can use the SQL Server MS tool (SQL Server Management Studio) for various functions. These functions make it simple to manipulate various functions with the tool and the main advantage is that it is free. According to Microsoft, SQL Server Management Studio is an integrated environment that allows you to access, configuration, manage, administer and develop all components of SQL Server. 

Install Management Studio for SQL 2016

Installation media

To start, connect the installation media or * .iso.


Run setup

Click to install.

Wait for the loading of packages.

Wait for the installation progress.

Finish installing.

Open Management Studio

Search Management Studio on Windows Server.

Splash screen SQL Server 2016 on load.

Connect to SQL server

Connect to server/instance and account domain for SQL Server 2016.

To confirm that your version is SQL Server 2016, go to New Query - SELECT @@Version.

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