This article helps you to learn about how to share an app which has been built by you for your Organization on Powerapps.

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Types of Sharing in Powerapps on Azure

Sharing can be done on three splits depending on the usage of the organization or group like “Can Use, Can Use and Share, Can Edit”

  • Can Use: Users or Groups can run the app but cannot share it
  • Can Use and Share: Users or Groups can run an share the app
  • Can edit: Users or Groups can run the app, customize it and she the new version of it.


Developer Requirements:

  1. Should have a corporate account signed in at
  2. Powerapps should be installed on the Windows Machine with the same credentials which is used at
  3. You should have a Powerapp developed by you or shared for you by someone else from your Organization or group.


Follow the below steps to Share the Powerapp built by you or shared for you:

Step 1: Sign in

Sign in to Powerapps

Step 2: My Apps

Click on My Apps at the left pane

Here you can find the apps which has been built by you or shared to you


Step 3: Share

Click on the top of the app which is available and goto share

Step 4: Details

Clicking on Details you can find the details of the App Owner, Connections towards cloud, Shared with whom, etc.,

Step 5: Share

Clicking on Share will help you to share the app, enter the email id, names, user group etc., to share the app here, under shared with you have options of which access you are going to give for the shared people like Can Use, Can Use and Share, Can edit. 

Clicking on Versions will help you to know about the app product, its version, developed by, time, etc.,

Play option is used to run the app, edit for customising the app and delete for deleting the powerapp from your portal.