What is a Wiki Portal?

Taken and rephrased from Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals

Each Portal is a list of links to Wiki articles ONLY in a subject area in the TechNet Wiki.

It does not include links to articles on other platforms, such as KB Articles.

Portal Wiki articles should all have the tag "TechNet Wiki Portal". They can be found using the following tag search:



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What is a survival guide?

Taken and rephrased from MS Operations Management Suite Survival Guide 

It’s a page created as a pointer to information on the web (and only external to TNWiki, not TNWiki info). You can use the information below to learn the fundamentals of the target technology and share information with other community members. Resources are categorized based on the type of content (video, training, blog article, etc.) as well as the age of the content, with the most recent articles listed at the top of the list, generally speaking.

Please add useful articles and training resources you find are not already in the survival guide.

Survival Guide articles should all have the tag "survival guide". They can be found using the following tag search:


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