This article is a companion to the MIM book release in July 2016, written by David Steadman-MSFT and Jeff Ingalls.

You find a list of online resources that are referenced by the book.


Authors: David Steadman-MSFT and Jeff Ingalls

Published by Packt Publishing

Chapter 1: Overview of MIM 2016


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Chapter 2: Installation


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Capacity planning
SCSM Deployment
MIM Planning
Supported Platforms
FIM Supported Platforms
Language packs
SQL Collation
SCSM collation problems
Changing collaction
SCSM 2010 technet
SCSM Two server Deployment
SCSM documentation
Authorization Manager Hotfix
Chun Liu blog post on IIS 7
2012 AS MO
2008 AS AMO
SCSM Collation vs languages
SQL Collation vs languages
Ports Required for SCSM


Chapter 3: MIM Sync Configuration

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How to grant the "Replicating Directory Changes" permission for the Microsoft Metadirectory Services ADMA service account
Carol Wapshere's article explaining deprovisioning options at
Deprovisioning options


Chapter 4: MIM Service Configuration

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Additional reading on the request processing model can be found at .
Function Evaluator:
Before you start changing the service schema, you should have a look at
Information about the syntax used for the regular expressions in MIM can be found at
concept of deprovisioning
create your own usage keywords
Introduction to configuring and customizing the portal
Resource Control Display Configuration XML reference
Custom Activities
full code of RequestZipLookupActivity.
logging custom activity found at


Chapter 5: User Management

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State-based processing
Metaverse extension code
UserAccountControl http://support
UAC on Wiki
Exchange permissions on ADMA


Chapter 6: Group Management

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groupType in AD.
SID -> Domain
more on deprovisioning, at http://aka .ms/FIMDeprovisioning
Add-ins and extensions


Chapter 7: RBAC

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BHOLD model loader
attribute-based authorization ABA.
BHOLD Core Installation
BHOLD default settings
Connector history
Reserved keywords
BHOLD Roles approval
A complete introduction to BHOLD Integration can be found at
A list of the placeholder tags can be found at
For more information on the Attestation module, you can go to


Chapter 8: PAM

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Microsoft's Best Practices for Securing Active Directory is a must read. Find it at
More information on PAM with an existing Active Directory forest can be found at
Microsoft's PAM deployment considerations are well documented and can be found at
privileged administrative workstations PAW
Integrity Considerations for Secure Computer Systems, available at
A paper on Bell-LaPadula can be found at
Configuring the MIM Environment for Privileged Access Management, available at
List of updates
SID History migration
Preparing PRIV
Remote Server Administration Tools RSAT
A sample demonstration of a custom PAM portal can be downloaded at
New-Website cmdlet, server 500 error.
Microsoft's latest Azure MFA details can be found at
Explore the official TechNet documents for PAM at .


Chapter 9: Password Management

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More information on security context can be found at
change the MPRs to make this work, and they are defined at


Chapter 10: Certificate Management

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For basic insight on PKI and assurance, take a look at
Using MIM CM with HSM
More details on PKI design can be found at
The MIM CM permissions are defined in a Microsoft TechNet article at
More information about the CRL status can be found at
More detail on the control can be found at
More in-depth detail of these policies can be found at


Chapter 11: CM Client Side

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MIMCMWebAgent then needs to be trusted for delegation
final delegation is rpcss from the MIM CM server;
Modern App
test environment
Sign Tool is found within Visual Studio; more detailed information can be found at
Working with the certificate manager


Chapter 12: CM Scenarios

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REST API for CM can be found at
TpmVscMgr command can be found at
More information on the notification mechanism can be found at
More information on CM plugins can be found at
MIM CM Trust
More information on authentication levels can be found at
More information about these scenarios is found at and

ADFS, if you need help with setting it up, visit .
ConfigureFIMCMClientAndRelyingParty.ps1 script found at


Chapter 13: Reporting

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the default reports are described,
For further reading, a great explanation can be found at
For detailed guidance on extending MIM Reporting, take a look at
TechNet article outlines the general process of extending MIM Reporting
Considerations for deploying Reporting •
System requirements for System Center 2012 R2

Chapter 14: Troubleshooting 

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Chapter 15: Operations And Best Practices

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PowerShell script to clear run history on TechNet at
Additional run profile guidance is given by the MIM product support team at
Backup and Restore Guide for FIM 2010
FIM CM Backup and Restore
FIM Reporting Disaster Recovery
SCSM Disaster Recovery Guide
High availability and PAM disaster recovery
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Backup and Recovery
SharePoint Foundation 2013 Backup and Recovery
The official SQL documentation on reorganizing and rebuilding indexes at
Updates are found at
Best Practices and Microsoft's own best practices page at