Request for feedback

In a continuous effort to maintain quality and performance at the TNWiki, we require feedback from the TNWiki users to report issues.

We are investigating the Wiki performance issues and need to provide some empirical data / information on the issues that you experience, so the platform owners can link this to platform monitoring/events.

Check below how you can provide feedback. 

When you experience an issue with TNWiki, reply to the post on the TNWik forum (click here, and provide the following data

  1. Link to article you updated/posted
  2. Date & Time (+ Time Zone), this allows us to track back the issues to server or system logs
  3. Issue description: There are a few typical issues. The issue description can be like: time out, error (with error details), save not working, article reverted to previous edit, ...
  4. Your city/region (where are you connected to internet at the time of working on the article). As the TNWiki is hosted on multiple data centers, it's important to know from which region you were connecting to internet/TNWiki.

If you can provide a screenshot, that would  be great!

Known symptoms

Below you'll find some of the prominent issues as example. But still we do require you to state your problem in detail. It will greatly help to trace the technical root cause.

Multiple hits on save button needed to publish

Click here to play this video