Important: WIF will not run on Windows XP.


Fiddler Inspector for Federation Messages An inspector for typical federation messages for WS-Federation. Also has support for SAML 2.0P request / response messages.

StarterRP (Codeplex)  A relying party for StarterSTS

IdentityServer Relying Party (Codeplex) A relying party for IdentityServer. Includes:

  • WS-Federation example
  • Claims viewer
  • Token viewer
  • Active sign in via WS-Trust
  • Delegation
  • Added a session token diagnostics page. This allows to look at cookie sizes, details and the raw contents
  • Sample code to switch to session mode
  • Sample code to implement sliding expiration
SelfSSL7 - Self signing certificates for IIS7. It generates and stores the certificates in the CA store. Certificates are very important in getting WIF to work properly and there are some problems with the self-signed certificates that can be generated via IIS. (Refer the article for more details).

VS components

Claims-Driven Modifier Control
Sample ASP.NET control demonstrating code-less use of claims in ASP.NET

SecurityTokenVisualizerControl (MSDN)
Control that can help debugging ASP.NET applications by showing on the page surface a representation of the incoming token.

Security Token Service (STS) implementations

StarterSTS (Codeplex)
StarterSTS is a compact, easy to use security token service that is completely based on the ASP.NET provider infrastructure. It is built using the Windows Identity Foundation and supports WS-Federation., WS-Trust, REST, OpenId and Information Cards.

How to: Run StarterSTS on IIS 6 / Windows 2003

An updated version of StarterSTS which conforms to the MVC model is:

IdentityServer (Codeplex)
IdentityServer is the follow-up project to StarterSTS. It's an easy to use security token service based on WIF, WCF and MVC 3.

SelfSTS is a simple utility which exposes a minimal WS-Federation STS endpoint. SelfSTS can be used as a test STS when developing web sites secured with Windows Identity Foundation.


There are also some extensions to WIF:

IdentityModel (Codeplex)
This is a helper library that makes common tasks easier to accomplish.

Useful Extensions for SecurityToken Handling
Convert a security token to claims.

Windows Identity Foundation Extension for OAuth (Microsoft Connect)

WIF Extension for SAML 2.0  (Microsoft Connect)

C# library for OAuth and OpenID support
DotNetOpenAuth allows WIF developers to develop their own custom solutions.