The Forum Ninjas blog is the official blog of the MSDN and TechNet Forum members. Forum Ninjas is a group of forums contributors who share their knowledge with the community. Basically, any user who helps others at the TechNet/MSDN forums is a Forum Ninja.

Each week we pick one top contributor on MSDN and TechNet Forums, write about their forum achievements (and also about their other achievements), and we interview them. You can view the list of all interviewsIt's one way to reward our top contributors in the MSDN and TechNet Forum Community and to say Thank you for all your contributions!

If you would like to be interviewed or want to nominate someone to be interviewed, then please leave a comment on this page.

You can find all the interviews here: Monday - Interview with a Forum Ninja.



For a member of the TechNet or MSDN Forum Community to be considered eligible for an interview, they must be forum moderators. They must agree to post at least once every three months.



Here are some of the previous interviews, listed chronologically with the first interviews at the top and the most recent interviews at the bottom: 

 Published Date Title and Link to the interview 
August 15, 2016
Interview with a Forum Ninja, and experienced Microsoft Warrior: Peter Geelen
August 22, 2016
Interview with a SQL Server MVP and Forum Ninja – Ronen Ariely (Pituach)
August 28, 2016 Interview with SQL Server MVP and SQL Server forums Moderator Shashank Singh
September 5, 2016
Interview with Microsoft Partner and Forum Ninja – Noel D Paton
September 12, 2016
Interview with Microsoft MVP and Forum Moderator Tibor Karaszi
September 19, 2016
Interview with SQL Server MVP and Forum Ninja – Erland Sommarskog
September 26, 2016
Interview with the Microsoft MVP and Forum Moderator Tom Lambert (Koopakiller)
October 3, 2016
Interview with Data Platform MVP, Forum Moderator, and Forum Ninja – Alberto Morillo
October 10, 2016
Interview with Microsoft Employee and Forum Moderator Samuel Lester
October 17, 2016
Interview with Forum Ninja and Forum Moderator – Edward van Biljon
October 25, 2016
Interview with Microsoft MVP and Forum Moderator Edoardo Benussi
October 30, 2016 Interview with Balmukund Lakhani – MS SQL Server Employee, Forum’s Moderator and Forum’s Ninja
December 12, 2016
Interview with a Microsoft Partner, SharePoint MVP, and Forum Ninja – Trevor Seward
 January 3, 2017

Interview with a .NET Expert and Forum Ninja – Carmelo La Monica

 January 17, 2017

Interview with a Forum Ninja and Windows Server MVP - NinoRCTN

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