This article will be used to follow the past and future "Monday Interviews" for administration purpose. If you are not in the Forum Ninjas Council team, then you probably want to read this article instead: Interview with a Forum Ninja

Introduction: what is Monday-Interview

Each week we post an interview with one of the MSDN forum top contributors thus officially acknowledging the great work of helping others. Any contributor in the forums may have a chance to be interviewed.  All you need is to become a Forum Ninja, impress one of the council members of the Forum Ninjas blog by your actions in the forums, and respond to the invitation.

Potential future Monday-Interviews

Several people were invited to be interviewed and more will be invited in the future. Since we don't have everyone's email (or different private direct communication channel), it is a bit hard to reach all. If you see your name in the list bellow, then please contact one of the people that invited you, in order to move to the next step.

Status option: Empty or invited, In progress (the blog post is already under writing), Scheduled (blog post ready to be reviewed or to be published)

Invited by Name and/or Profile nickname and link
Contact information Status
* As long as the status is "invited", the name can be in several invitations.
* Once the person interview is in progress, Scheduled, or published, then it should be removed from other invitations.
* The person that invite should post a contact info.
* If you are invited and you do have option to use the contact information, then you will need to post your contact info (please remember that this is a public article, therefore it is not recommended to publish personal email for example).
Ronen, Naomi Tom Cooper, Tom Phillips, Kalman Toth, Dan Guzman, Olaf Helper, Stefan Hoffmann, Uri Dimant 
 Facebook, email  

 Naomi Balmukund, Mauricio email In progress

Published Monday Interviews

 Published Date  Interviewee Name  Interviewer Name Title and Link to the interview 
August 15, 2016
Peter Geelen
Ed Price
Interview with a Forum Ninja, and experienced Microsoft Warrior: Peter Geelen
August 22, 2016
Ronen Ariely
Ed Price
Interview with a SQL Server MVP and Forum Ninja – Ronen Ariely (Pituach)
August 28, 2016 Shashank Singh
Naomi N
Interview with SQL Server MVP and SQL Server forums Moderator Shashank Singh
September 5, 2016
Noel D Paton
Ronen Ariely Interview with Microsoft Partner and Forum Ninja – Noel D Paton
September 12, 2016
Tibor Karaszi
Shashank Singh Interview with Microsoft MVP and Forum Moderator Tibor Karaszi
September 19, 2016
Erland Sommarskog
Ronen Ariely Interview with SQL Server MVP and Forum Ninja – Erland Sommarskog
September 26, 2016
Tom Lambert
Konrad Neitzel
Interview with the Microsoft MVP and Forum Moderator Tom Lambert (Koopakiller)
October 3, 2016
Alberto Morillo
Ronen Ariely
Interview with Data Platform MVP, Forum Moderator, and Forum Ninja – Alberto Morillo
October 10, 2016
Samuel Lester
Shashank Singh
Interview with Microsoft Employee and Forum Moderator Samuel Lester
October 17, 2016 Edward van Biljon
Ronen Ariely
Interview with Forum Ninja and Forum Moderator – Edward van Biljon
October 25, 2016
Edoardo Benussi
Antonino Bambino (aka NinoRCTN)
Interview with Microsoft MVP and Forum Moderator Edoardo Benussi

 Published Date  Interviewee Name  Interviewer Name Title and Link to the interview