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Trying to upgrade SSRS from 2010 to 2013 and from 2010 to 2016 through 2013 via the UI, but when trying to add the Execution Account the server would fail and give the below error.

 photo SSRS-Error.jpg


After doing some troubleshooting and digging tried to redo the migration via PowerShell instead of creating a new Service App in Central Admin with the SSRS DB name.

Backe up the ReportServer and TempDB and restored them to the new SQL box again. When you run the below commands in Powershell and after that the SSRS Service App should work flawlessly.

#Assigning Variables
$ssrsDB = "<SSRS DB Name>"
$defaultProxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup -Default
$pool = Get-SPServiceApplicationPool | ?{$_.Name -eq "<App Pool Name>"}
#Create SSRS Service App and add it to the Default Proxy Group
$ssrs = New-SPRSServiceApplication -Name "SQL Server Reporting Service Application" -ApplicationPool $pool -DatabaseName $ssrsDB
$ssrsProxy = New-SPRSServiceApplicationProxy -Name "SQL Server Reporting Service Application Proxy" -ServiceApplication $ssrs
Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember $defaultProxy -Member $ssrsProxy
#Restore SSRS Key
Restore-SPRSEncryptionKey -FileName "d:\SSRSKey\Key.snk" -Password "P@ssw0rd" -ServiceApplication $ssrs