This "Survival Guide" aims to gather all materials related to Azure Stack. What is a survival guide? It is a page we created as a pointer to the best information on the web.  You can use the information below to learn the fundamentals; increase your current knowledge; or stay current on Azure Stack.  If you think we missed some great article or blog post out there, please add it below!



Official Resources

Azure Stack Documentation:
Azure Stack Forum:
Azure Stack Development Kit Download:
Azure Stack User Voice:

Announcement of Azure Stack GA:
Azure Stack Economic model and Functionality at GA (new)
Azure Stack Packaging, licensing and Pricing (new)
Azure Stack sessions from Ignite 2016:
Announcement of Azure Stack GA:
Why Azure Stack? Bring the cloud to your datacenter: Whitepaper
Introducing Azure Stack. What it is and when to use it: Whitepaper

Videos (Microsoft) (Microsoft)

Operationalizing DevOps practices with Azure and Azure Stack March 2017 (Microsoft)
Azure Stack at Ignite Australia Feb 2017 (Microsoft)
Azure Stack at Ignite Sept 2016 (Microsoft)
Azure Stack for Developers Dec 2016 (Microsoft)
Adopting Microsoft's Hybrid Cloud May 2016  (Gartner,Rackspace,Microsoft)

Azure Stack product team Interviews (Community/Carsten Rachfahl)
Azure Stack TV (community, Mark Scholman)
Azure Stack Webinar Series (German - Community)


Azure Stack team on Twitter

@Darmour_MSFT  (daily Azure Stack updates)














Community Blogs


MVP's & community experts on Twitter













Community Links


To Join go to

Slack URL is:

Community Solutions

Extend the portal through NAT on your own network (script) 

Extend the portal through Routing on your own network (blog)
Monitor Azure Stack with Hyper-V VM Performance monitor (tool)
Use public or internal certificates with Azure Stack (blog)

Books & Whitepapers

Implement Azure Stack from scratch:

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Unleashed powered by Azure Stack and Azure:


German Training:
USA Training:


Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative for Service Providers :

User Groups
Microsoft Azure Stack - Sweden
Microsoft Cloud Community

Hardware Vendor Resources

The Azure Stack hybrid cloud has 4 hardware platforms available. The hardware vendors are listed below with links to their solutions for Azure Stack.
Official link to hardware vendors on Microsoft website:

Dell -
Get started today with TP2 and get ready for Azure Stack

HPE Microsoft Azure Stack solution

Lenovo -
Lenovo Cloud Solutions for Microsoft

Lenovo Servers and Microsoft Azure: the future of the stack PowerPoint-

Cisco -
Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack

Huawei - 
Huawei hardware solution for Microsoft Azure Stack


3rd Party solutions & plugins for Azure Stack

EvOps for Azure Stack - Gridpro
KEMP LoadMaster and Azure Stack
Nagios plugin for Azure Stack

Azure Stack Labs
Rackspace -



Scripts and tools that help customers use Azure and Azure Stack -

ARM visualizer -

Azure Stack Quickstart Templates -
Storage Explorer -

Azure Stack Wiki

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