This is a showcase article which demonstrates usage of several recently written custom controls, and one older control...

The Demo application Form has an ExtendedTabControl with two Tabpages added at design time, and an optional dynamic TabPage created at runtime. The TabPages used are custom, and only serve to enable DoubleBuffering.

The first of the two Tabpages added at design time contains a standard ListBox and a SemiEnabledListBox, both containing the same list items. Changing the selected item in the standard ListBox causes the same item in the SemiEnabledListBox to be disabled (grayed out and unselectable). The Check availability Button just displays a random number of free seats for the hypothetically selected flight.

The second of the two TabPages displays fictional pizza restaurant menu items in a DGV, with different categories selected in the SubTitleComboBox.

The third dynamic TabPage contains more information about the controls used in the demo application, including the (older) QuizControl.

Figure 1. SemiEnabledListBox (right)

Figure 2. SubTitleComboBox

Figure 3. ExtendedTabControl and QuizControl

Figure 4. QuizControl ...continued

Figure 5. QuizControl ...continued

Figure 6. QuizControl ...continued

All of the controls used in this example program (plus two more) are available in the MSDN Samples Gallery, and links are provided below, where you can read the full descriptions and download the actual controls

The Controls

Recap of Custom Controls used


The ExtendedTabControl has Close buttons on each of the Tabpages, and optionally you can enable the Add New TabPage button.


The SemiEnabledListBox allows disabling of individual list items. There is also a ComboBox version of this at the download page.


The SubTitleComboBox allows insertion of sub-titles within the dropdown list. There is also a ListBox version of this at the download page.


This is misleadingly named, as although it was originally intended for multi-panel quizzes, it can also be used for multi-panel dialogs.

Other Resources

(The downloads, with the exception of the first, are available in C# and VB)