Although the Wiki is the ultimate platform to cooperate and build community, some of the articles and content do not belong (anymore) to TechNet Wiki.

This article should give you some background on the reasons and methods for removing or archiving content from TNWiki.




In general you should check the Wiki Guidelines for appropriate content.

This article lists the candidates that are not appropriate for TNWiki:, which is the short URL for Wiki Governance: Types of Articles Not Appropriate for TechNet Wiki


Posting spam on the TechNet Wiki is cause for immediate removal and account ban.

See: Wiki: How to Report a TechNet Wiki Page


In most of the cases, obvious spam, bulk spam and continued spam behavior (posting off topic content) will cause your account to be banned from the TechNet and MSDN platforms. 

Legal (Piracy)

This has been documented in various articles:

More detailed guidance on piracy is available at:

Minor volume of pirated content (Missing quote)

When the text that is taken from 3rd party, is a minority of the articles (so it's not the essential part of the article), then you should use quotes.

Guidance on providing proper source references and credits is here

Major Volume Action

When the article is copied entirely from other sources, or when the copied content is the primary content, then:

  1. Pirated content will be removed immediately from the Wiki.
  2. The author will get a warning via the comments of the administrative edit.
  3. When the author ignores the initial warning comment, or when a high volume of pirated content is posted, the author will get a direct warning by mail.
  4. When the warning is ignored, the offending account will be banned

Also, check:

Corrupted articles

In some cases Wiki articles can get corrupted, eg when the title is too long. Typically the article cannot be edited anymore after first publication.

The only solution is to remove the article and republishing the content in a new article (with shorter title).

See also: Wiki: How to Report a TechNet Wiki Performance Issue.


  1. The author will get a warning via the comments of the administrative edit.
  2. The author can republish the content (with a copy of the original article content)  

Quality issues

Carefully check what is expected when publishing on TNWiki: 

Inappropriate content

The more extensive explanation is published at :

Personal blogs

See: User Experience Guidelines-> Signatures, Credit, and Personalization

First, we try to convert the article to match the Wiki guidelines, standards and requirements.

We try to notify the original author as much as possible, requesting to fix the article.

If the content of a Wiki article cannot be standardized in an acceptable time frame (week, 2 weeks), to a open, 3rd person format, or if transformation would destroy the content, the article is removed from TNWIKI.

Scripts & source code

As explained in the general guidelines, "scripting-only" or "source code only" content must be posted on Gallery, GitHub, MSDN Gallery, ...

If you post code or scripts on TN Wiki, you must provide sufficient added value by adding  comprehensive explanation and documentation.

Deprecated content without archive value

When content has become irrelevant or superseded by other articles, the article is deprecated and will be archived from the TNWiki.



Immediate removal

As explained earlier some of the violations are removed without any further notice.

For some legal violations, the account is banned right away.


When an article gets reported, the author receives a notification via the update or direct comments.

For this reason, we will always add a comment when an administrative edit is executed.


In most of the cases, where the content can be updated to make the article compliant, the author gets a request to fix the article via the comments section a time-out of 1 to 2 week.

Delayed Removal

When the article is fixed within the proposed administrative time frame, no further action is taken.

Else, when no action is taken after the warning, the article is deleted.

Hints and tips

  • Carefully check the guidelines before posting
  • Follow up on the comments and administrator notifications
  • Immediately fix the articles when requested to get it compliant


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