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What this article about

Good day to all the TechNet Wiki Guru Contest Judges,

This page is yours! 

Thank you for agreeing to help us with the TechNet Guru Competition. In the past several weeks we recruited new judges to join our team. We got lot of questions and requests for clarification. Please read it, feel free to ask questions and add comments. In addition you are welcome to contact one of the TechNet Wiki council members in private, if needed.

Let's start from the end... Q & A : at the bottom of the article there is a place to add more questions and requests for clarification (in the article content, and not as comments). If there is anything, which not yet covered in the article and you think that it should be here, you can add your question. Once we answer the question, we will remove it from the Q & A section, and embed the content into the article.

Before we move forward, we would like to emphasize our goals as judges. Once we understand the Goals we can focus on the aims and means, we can do our role in the best way, and we can achieve our goals. Please focus on the first section: Goals, aims, and means.

Note!   If you want to join the team and become a judge, please check this blog.

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Goals, aims, and means

The TechNet Guru contest is not the goal but the means to reach our goals. You can divide our goals into two main areas: (1) Promote the TechNet Wiki authors community. (2) Improve TechNet Wiki as global web information center for Microsoft product and technologies.

what is the idea of feedback if no one can see it?!? Remember that the feedback comment in the voting system meant to be published in public. The idea is to give the authors feedback to improve these articles and the future articles

Promote the TechNet Wiki authors community.

We want to promote the community of authors. Without the community, there can be no Wiki! Moreover, The Wiki created for the community and not vise versa. The most important rule is to Always remember that the community is our goal!

How can we achieve our goals?

The short answer is: with your feedback in the voting system.

Authors work very hard on their articles! The articles can include images, Videos, testing results, code example, and more... This take time and everyone loves to get positive feedback on their work. As a judge it is up to you write feedback to the articles. The feedback that you write in the voting system published in the monthly "TechNet Guru Winners!" blog (as you can see September 2016 blog for example). The feedback in the voting system is your place to give the authors good feeling, and bring new authors.

We want to make people, which read the comments, write more articles.
We want authors who wrote article and got a feedback, improve the article and write more articles in the future
We must remember, that not all the authors are experts yet.

Improve TechNet Wiki.

Not all the authors are MVPs or experts with 30 years of experience. Most of the authors come from the field of developing, DBA, and IT. They come to contribute their time to the community, and we must appreciate everything they do or try to do, for the community. Moreover, even an expert in a specific technology not necessarily know how to write an articles, and writing a shared article can be much harder in some cases than writing a personal blog.

The TechNet Wiki meant to be a professional documentation center, and it is up to us as judges in the TechNet Wiki Guru Contest, to guide the authors to the right way to improve the articles content, as well as the article format (the way it presents the content as a shared Wiki article).

How can we achieve our goals?

The short answer is: with your feedback in the voting system.

You not must to comment on each article, but if you see something that can be fixed or improve and you can describe it a short comment in a positive approach, then please do so! without our feedback, how can the author know that he did something wrong or that he can do it better next time? The reason we chose you as judge is your expertise in specific category. It is up to you to check the quality of the articles content and comment on mistakes or options to improve.

We want the author to improve the content of the article.
We want the authors to improve the format of the article, according to the TechNet Wiki guideline.
We want improve the Wiki as whole...

For more information, please check the "Important Voting Tips" section.

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What is the TechNet Wiki Guru Contest?

As explained on this TechNet Wiki: “Each month the TechNet Wiki looks to recognize and celebrate the best of the best!”.

Each month the competition announced on the MSDN and TechNet Forums, with a link to the current month list of article. Each author can register his article(s) to the contest. At the end of the month the registration is close and we as judges start our job. After careful evaluation by the judges, the Top 3 winners in each category awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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Voting procedure

In order to access the voting tool, you need to use a unique code. More instruction sent to you by email. If you do not remember your login information, please contact us. If you ever think your code has been compromised, contact us and we can change it.

The voting principle is simple. 
(1) Check your public name, and change it if needed. 
(2) Select the category you want to vote
(3) You will get a list of all the articles in that category in the current month. Sort the articles with best article at the top.
(4) Add some public feedback.
(5) Save the voting.
Note!   Important! Please remember to vote only for the categories which you were asked to! 
If you see additional categories in the list, please do not vote for these. If you are not sure which categories you should vote, please contact Ronen ( * Communication channels).

For detail instructions please check this article:
TechNet Guru Competition: Judging System Explanation

Not fit for Gold

In some cases we have less than three articles in specific category. According to the voting system, which sort the articles from the best to less good, we might get a situation that an article which is not well written and from the professional aspect is very good. Therefore, we added a new option of marking the article as "Not fit as Gold". This does not mean that the article is extremely bad and it should be remove from the Wiki, but it mean that it does not fit for Gold. Once article accepted as "not fit for Gold" if according to the sort the article is in first place, then it will get Silver medal and not Gold medal.

Not fit as article

This is a VERY extreme case which should be used only in very rare cases, with a good reason!

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Important Voting Tips

  • Try to write a short comment.
  • Always start with the good before you move to the comment about what can be improved.
    It is like talking to your child... first, you start with the good and how much you love (if you loved it) and what is good, and next you add some comments to improve the article and make it even better.
    The basic approach is "thanks" -> "good" -> "let's make it perfect" :-)
  • There is always something good you can start with. Even if the article is "awful" the author still tried to do his best, and we can say so. Maybe there is a nice image made by the author or nice code.
  • Avoid negative comments, which do not give the explanation on how to fix/improve the article. For example comment like "awful article" will not help to improve the article or learn what should be done differently.
  • Provide constructive comments like "The code use X which can be improved by using Y".
  • The feedback that you write in the voting system, is published in the monthly "TechNet Guru Winners!" blog (as you can see September 2016 blog for example). If you have any feedback that you want to send in private, please do not send in as part of the voting.
  • There are common mistakes related to how the authors present their article. Here are some common comments you can use (write it in your words)
    • The articles use external images, which must be embed in the article
      • Long version: The articles use external images, which is not acceptable in Wiki. Content should be part of the article, under the article licence! Moreover, using images in external website creates dependency in external resources. please read this blog!
    • The articles should be written in 3rd person.
      • Wiki articles are shared articles and not Personal blog.
    • Please check this blog regarding Wiki Governance, Copyright, Privacy & Piracy:
    • ...
    •  If you see any issue related to Wiki Governance, Copyright, Privacy & Piracy please contact us directly.
    • Plagiarism should never be rewarded in any way, shape, or form. These comments are not supposed to be publish in public. Please confirm we got the information in private. 

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Communication channels

Your direct contact person from the TechNet Wiki council is Ronen Ariely (Facebook, LinkedIn). In addition you can contact Peter Geelen () the TechNet Wiki administrator, Peter Laker () the founder of the TechNet Wiki Guru Contest and in charge of all the technical side behind the scene (all the tools we are using), or you can contact any member of the TechNet Wiki Council.

Facebook Group

The Official Microsoft TechNet Wiki group on Facebook, is probably the most common communication channel for the articles authors. You can find all the authors and other judges there. Big part of the discussions in the group is regarding new articles. It's good place to give/get feedback on articles. Our goal is to help people post the best article. The competition is one of the means to improve quantity of articles, and more important improving the quality of the articles.  You are welcome to help people in the Facebook group before the end of the month... we as judges can add feedback on Facebook before the competition start...


The TechNet Wiki council uses the Skype as a main communication channel. Therefore, we ask all the judges to provide us their Skype username. This allows us if needed to communicate with all the council members.

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Voting system Feedback future improvement ideas

  • Adding option for internal comments, which are not published in the blog

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See also

In this section, you can find some more useful links for you as a judge in the TechNet Wiki contest.

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Questions and Requests for clarification

Please feel free to add any question or clarification that you think we should elaborate in this document.

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