SharePoint 2016 has a new UI and a new way to Create Sites or Subsites. You can use a wiki page to collaborate really effectively because it's easy to access information and share it with others in your team. You could set up individual client pages and allow them to be edited by anyone; this would be pretty convenient for building your client profiles and constantly adding relevant and important information after client meetings, etc. It would help ensure your team is always on the same page

Let’s start the steps to create a Wiki site on SharePoint 2016.

  • Click start on Windows server and search for SharePoint 2016 Central Administration or right-click Computer, click all apps, and then click SharePoint 2016 Central Administration.

  • SharePoint 2016 has the same option as SharePoint 2013 Wiki Sites Template that provides Out-of-box web parts and pages that facilitate Project Managers and Teams work efficiently

  • To create a Wiki site you can use the Project template available on-site collection and new subsite page as well.

  • Here we are creating this using Create Site Collection


  • On the site where you wish to create an Enterprise wiki, click the settings gear and choose Site contents.

  • Click new subsite.

  • On the New SharePoint Site page, add a Title and URL name for the site.

  • In the Template Selection section, click Publishing and then Enterprise Wiki site template.

  • Click Use unique permissions if you need to set unique permissions.

  • Click Create.

Central Admin > Application Management > Create Site collection under Site collections:

  • Fill all required information as above and click OK to create first Enterprise Wiki page on SharePoint 2016. Once all done it will appear below wizard:

  • Once Wiki Page will get created, it will look like below: