Applies To

  • MIM 2016 SP1 Update (4.4.1302.0)


Add/Remove Programs Uninstall

Due to FIM Service Database changes (see below), using Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the FIM Service and Portal SP1 Update (4.4.1302.0) is not an option.

Before applying the SP1 update, backup all identity databases and system files as discussed in the still applicable FIM Backup and Restore Guide.

FIM Service Database

  • Stored Procedure: ReceiveExportMessageOnInitiator
  • Stored Procedure: ReceiveExportResponseMessageOnInitiator
  • Stored Procedure: CalculateRequestPotentialJoinSetTransitions
  • Stored Procedure: CalculateRequestSetTransitionsAssembleStatements
  • Stored Procedure: CalculateRequestSetTransitionsMembershipConditionEvaluation
  • Stored Procedure: ExecuteQuery
  • Stored Procedure: GenerateRequestComputedMemberOutput
  • Stored Procedure: ReceiveExportMessage
  • Stored Procedure: ReceiveExportResponseMessage
  • Stored Procedure: UpdateResource
  • Queue: //Microsoft/ResourceManagement/Queue/ExportInitiation
  • Queue: //Microsoft/ResourceManagement/Queue/ExportResponseInitiation 

FIM Synchronization Database

No changes

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