This is survival guide is a listing of SCSM articles and external pages that SCSM admins will hopefully find useful. Please feel free to add, edit and update the links below. 

This page supports all versions of Service Manager - SCSM 2010, 2012 and 2016. The concepts and most of the fundamentals are the same, but where an article is specific to version of SCSM, please indicate in the description or title of the link.

Getting Started

SCSM Books and E-Books

Official Documentation: Service Manager 2012

Official Documentation: Service Manager 2016


Management Packs and Management Pack Authoring

Orchestrator Integration


Portal - HTML 5


Email Templates

Type Projections

PowerShell - SMLets

 (Download Link)

SMLets is essential if you are going to do anything with PowerShell for Service Manager. Below are some articles by Travis Wright that were written for SCSM 2010, but still apply to SCSM 2012 and SCSM 2016. 


Asset Management

Tools - TechNet Gallery

Some of the most downloaded tools from TechNet Gallery:
And some others that look interesting:

Tools Third Party - Free

Tools Third Party - Commercial


Microsoft Team Blog: The Official System Center Service Manager Blog

Blogs maintained by the community:


Create place to ask questions and find out more about Service Manager. 

Advice when you do post a question:
  • Always do a search first to see if the question or issue has already been posted
  • Include as much detail as you can and be specific - do not ask general open-ended questions

Post your question\issue to the relevant TechNet forum:


Most posts appear to use the hashtag #SCSM

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