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This page exists to log and track the feature requests for the program from the community. Please help by adding feature requests to this list, explaining them, and/or adding details, such as supporting forums for an area/product.

New Category Requests

Please add any new categories you'd like to see here.

  1. ASP.NET
  2. Exchange
  3. Office 365
  4. International Guru Award
    • Need: We have 50+ non-English Wiki articles every month!
    • Details:
      • We start with a general category for all languages. 
      • We include judges who judge just the guidelines and formatting.
      • We include judges for each represented language.
      • Once we prove out the category, we carve out sub-categories from those that get submitted the most. (Kind of like we do with Miscellaneous now.)
      • We could either carve off by language or by technology. By language would be easier. For example, if we get a ton of Portuguese articles, we could just have the "Portuguese Guru Award" category. 
      • If we want, we could even start with three new categories... International Guru Award, Portuguese Guru Award, and Turkish Guru Award. Or just start with the International Guru Award. Even if we start with three, all the languages that aren't English, Portuguese, or Turkish can be submitted into the International Guru Award category.
    • Related Forums & Blogs:
  5. Cortana Intelligence Suite
    • Needs:
      • Data science is a competence area growing fast
      • Existing Azure / BI categories do not fit
      • There is even a dedicated Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit
      • This page lists related technologies, and volumes on the TN Wiki
      • [Explain why we know this will get lots of articles.]
    • Issue: This seems to be only a few Azure services (mainly Machine Learning). We already have an Azure general category. Will we get enough articles from mostly just Machine Learning to justify this category?
    • Related Forums:

New Tool Features

List any requests you have for the judging tool!
  1. Ability to flag an article as No Medal. This was a previous capability on the last tool version. For example, if an article is plagiarizing someone else's work, we can't award that article a medal. 
  2. Ability to flag an article as Non Gold. Perhaps the article is the only article that month, and it is good, but it isn't great. For example, it's a good topic, but it just scratches the surface and doesn't provide much depth. It's probably still worthy of a modal, but not a gold medal.
  3. Database of Award Winners. Any way to automatically record who won what medal. That way we can periodically post leaderboards on medals (who has the most medals, etc.).
  4. Annual Awards, per category. For example, we have a special annual awards where the judges get to vote on the best articles of the year in each category (such as Azure or SharePoint).

New Judge Requests

List any areas that need more judges (to give comments), and we'll recruit them! List the month of your request.
  1. System Center (Dec 2016)
  2. Wiki & Portal (Dec 2016)

Completed Requests

As the requests are completed, add them here.

Completed Category Requests

List the new categories that are added to the Guru competition.
  1. Azure
  2. Windows PowerShell

Completed Tool Features

List the new features that have been added to the judging tool:
  1. Being able to flag an article as "no medal". (Previous platform.)
  2. Security to protect emails from crawls/bots.
  3. New HTML platform for maximum browser compatibility.

Completed Judge Requests

List the categories that have received new judges (number of judges and the month):
  1. BizTalk - 2 Judges, Oct 16
  2. FIM - 2 Judges, Oct 16
  3. Azure - 7 Judges, Oct 16; 2 Judges Nov 16
  4. Miscellaneous - 2 Judges, Oct 16; 1 Judge, Nov 16
  5. SharePoint - 2 Judges, Oct 16; 2 Judges, Nov 16
  6. System Center - 1 Judge, Oct 16; 2 Judges, Nov 16
  7. Universal Windows Apps - 3 Judges, Oct 16
  8. Visual Basic - 2 Judges, Oct 16
  9. Visual C# - 1 Judge, Oct 16; 4 Judges, Nov 16
  10. Wiki & Portals - 1 Judge, Oct 16
  11. PowerShell - 3 Judges, Oct 16
  12. WPF - 2 Judges, Oct 16
  13. Windows Server - 4 Judges, Oct 16; 1 Judge, Nov 16
  14. SQL Server - 3 Judges, Nov 16
  15. T-SQL - 3 Judges, Nov 16

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