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Manage Services in this farm (direct Link /_admin/FarmServices.aspx)

Note: You should be logged in with Farm administrator with local admin on the server, otherwise this option will not be visible.

When you click on the Manage Services in this farm link, you will land on the Services in the Farm Page. This page will give you the information about the Services in the Farm. With the release of MinRole, this page contains more information.

On this page, you will see the information given below.

  • Service

    This column lists all the Services instances in the farm, which are provisioned in the farm; i.e., if you provision the Access Service Application, then Access Service instance will be listed. Most Service instances are provisioned along with the Server role (selected at the time of configuration).

  • Auto Provision

    This is the new option in SharePoint 2016. With the new MinRole feature, now some Services will be auto-provisioned on the basis of the role selected while configuring the Server. For example, if we select the Distributed Cache Role then you will see Distributed Cache Service is marked "Yes" in the auto provision column.

  • Action

    In this, you will get the option to enable or disable the auto provision for the Services. 

  • Compliant

    This column also comes with the MinRole feature. This section is controlled by the health analyzer rule, which runs overnight. If health rule dictates that the Server is not compliant with the configured role, then it will attempt to auto provision all the Services which are unprovisioned and also stop the Services which are not compliant with the Server role to make it compliant.

There are two views available for this page, which are shown below.

  1. Configurable (Default View) as it will list all the Services, which you can start or stop.

  2. All this view lists all the Services including configurable and non-configurable.

All Item View.

  • To get the All Item View, click on the dropdown next to the Configurable (top right) and select All.

  • You will see the page, as shown below. 

    You notice on this page that there are many Services, which we can’t stop/start. These are mandatory Services, which are important for stable SharePoint environments. For example, Application Discovery and Load Balancer Service is listed here but the Action column is empty for it. We still can manage it using PowerShell.


If a Service is required for the Server Role and you disable it, then Healthy Analyzer rules on the next run will provision it. We can manage the Health Analyzer Rule when it runs.

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