In this article, we would like to share, how to create an app catalog site in SharePoint online portal. 

What is App Catalog?

  • App Catalog is used to store the apps for SharePoint and office for our organization's internal use.
  • We can configure and manage an App Catalog for SharePoint environment to control access the available apps.

Steps to create app catalog

Step 1

 Open your SharePoint Admin Center.

Admin Center

Step 2

 From left navigation, click “Apps” to go to app catalog.


Step 3

Select “App Catalog” on app catalog page.

App Catalog

Step 4

 On the app catalog page, you have an option to create new app catalog or you can use the existing app catalog. Here, we chose to create a new app catalog site.

App Catalog

Step 5

 After selecting the app catalog site click “OK” to proceed. You will navigate to create an app catalog site collection page.

app catalog site collection page

Step 6

On this page, provide title, web site address, administrator and Server resource quota, as shown below.


Step 7

Click “OK” to create the new site collection.

create new site collection

Finally, your app catalog site will be created successfully.


In this article, we explored how to create an app catalog in SharePoint online admin center.