In this part we will show how to prepare the ARM failover infrastructure.

The infrastructure parts consist of following mandatory elements:

  • ARM Resource Group
  • ARM Storage Account

note: the creation of VNET and Storage Account MUST be done in the SAME region as the ASR Vault.

Create a new ARM Resource group

If we create a new Resource Group here, this will later give us the option to remove the previous ‘asm2arm’ RG with all its (ASM) child objects in a single command.

Create the ARM VNET

Create ARM Storage Account

For the storage part, previously we  needed to select Geo Redundant storage for this failover scenario.

Luckily MSFT has made it possible to now also select Local Redundant storage, which also offers better price setting for the failover solution.

We  can also select Standard or Premium Storage for this (or mix and match).

note: If we  select a pure Premium Storage for the failover location, we  will also need to create a standard storage account for log collection

In the next chapter we will discuss how to create the replication policies for our VMs.


This article is part of a series, check for the overview here:  Azure: Moving form ASM to ARM with ASR (TOC)