This article explains about the Visual Studio Code Git Integration and highlights the features of git which helps developers on their daily routing work with Git. This article is intended for the developers who all are new to Git version control. 

A small beginning 

Right and easy way of using version controls are always big part of project success and also makes developer's life easy. But if you are changing from one brand of version control to another or one platform of version control to another or very basic scenario that you are newbie for the version control then its very hard.

We can see on currently exploring open source territory. Moving  from Microsoft TFS to GIT version control is really a challenging fun till we familiarize with git. Are you newbie to Git? Are you feeling very strange with git commands?

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an open source editor with lot of built in features for developers. One of the features recently made my work very easy is "Git integration". The Git integration feature provides a very flexible user interface to do all interactions with version control even without memorizing the commands or knowing the sequence of commands execution. This is really helpful to the developers from the check in mess and makes sure that what is going on the server on every code check in.

Nothing new we are going to detailed out here. The detailed information is already available in : Version Control

Through this very small article*, We would like to highlight some of the features of Visual studio code which will be useful for newbie on the daily routine work with version control, till we familiarize with Git commands.

Small steps TO-DO on Big Journey

1. Clone or Checkout Git branch: We can create and checkout branches directly within VS code through Quick Open. Press Ctrl+P, type git and then press Space. You should see the following:

2. Make sure you are in sync with your team: The status bar shows your current branch [bugfix*], sync and push changes to server option, Number of changes to push and pull, Warning and Errors if any.

3. Make sure what you are checking in: Use viewing diffs always to compare with current server version and local version to make sure and get confident on what we are checking in to server. Hit Ctrl+Shift+P and select File: Compare Active File With... and you will be presented with a list of recent files.

4. Make sure you are not collapsing other's hard work:

VS code recognize conflicts and provide color code to help developers to resolve them easily. Once resolved, developer can stage the conflicting file and commit those changes.

5. Still, Know what Git commands are running in the background: We can see the Git commands which have been used by VS code. This is helpful if something strange is happening or simply to know what is happening in the background to familiarize our self with Git commands :-) View > Toggle Output and select Git


Visual studio code and Git integration is really a great feature that definitely saves a lot of effort and time. Also, make sure the deliverable quality.