Recently we underwent the process of recreating the SCSM DWASDataBase due to not wanting to process a bunch of dimensions we don't ever use.

Luckily there's a great rebuild cube database tutorial which gets you about 80% of the way there.

However, there have been many Update Rollup patches since then which have inevitably caused issues that weren't present when such a tutorial was written, and one of them is likely to happen to you!

First off, if you decide to rebuild the DWASDataBase, it's important you also go into each Data Source > Impersonation Info > Re-enter the Service Account Password. Otherwise, things won't work out well for you when you go to process your dimensions.

Secondly, to correctly delete the cube jobs if they won’t go away after you delete the cube management packs and the Data Warehouse MPSyncJob is run and the next day the cube “Process.” Jobs are still hanging around when they should be gone!
  1. Stop all three System Center Services on Data Warehouse Management Server (DWMS)
    • Microsoft Monitoring Agent
    • System Center Data Access Service
    • System Center Management Configuration
  2. For Each Process Cube Job, Execute the DeleteProcess Command (see below examples)
  3. Restart DWMS
  4. Open SCSM Console and go to Data Warehouse > Data Warehouse Jobs and confirm process jobs are no longer there.

exec DWStagingAndConfig.Infra.DeleteProcess 'CubeProcessing', 'Process.SystemCenterWorkItemsCube'
exec DWStagingAndConfig.Infra.DeleteProcess 'CubeProcessing', 'Process.SystemCenterConfigItemCube'
exec DWStagingAndConfig.Infra.DeleteProcess 'CubeProcessing', 'Process.SystemCenterServiceCatalogCube'
exec DWStagingAndConfig.Infra.DeleteProcess 'CubeProcessing', 'Process.SystemCenterChangeAndActivityManagementCube'

Third, since these cube jobs have caused countless issues, go into each cube, right-click them and go to Properties.  Then go to Error Configuration:
  1. Uncheck checkbox: Use Default Error Configuration
  2. Keep Key Error Action as ConvertToUnknown
  3. Select option: Ignore errors
  4. Set Specific Error conditions to ReportAndContinue
  5. Hit OK to save changes
The reason we do this is because these errors are resolved automatically when the Data Warehouse does a sync to both the ticket data and the relationship data, so most of these errors only happen due to the flawed syncing which is usually corrected the next time it syncs.

With all dimensions processed and cubes reconfigured, manually "Process Full" each of the cubes. If there are errors it will still complete which is great as that will prevent stuck cube jobs (which is very tricky to fix, step 25).