This article is about a program to convert Small Basic Shapes data to PowerPoint VBA.


This is a tool to convert Shapes date created with Shapes Editor to PowerPoint VBA which draws the picture.


The program code is uploaded as XQD349-3.


  1. Start the program.
  2. Type full path name of a Small Basic program which contains Shapes_Init subroutine created with Shapes Editor.  Or copy and paste Shapes_Init to the multi-line text box.  After that, push the [OK] button.
  3. VBA Subroutine DrawXXX will be created in the multi-line text box as below.  So copy the code (to clipboard) by pushing Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C in the multi-line text box.
  4. Start PowerPoint.  And prepare a blank layout.
  5. Select [Macros] in the menu, type DrawXXX as a macro name and push [Create] button.
  6. VBA window will appear.
  7. Paste the code.  And select [Run] [Run Sub/UserForm] or push F5 key.
  8. The picture will be drawn. 
  9. Select all shapes, click mouse right button, and select [Group] [Group].
  10. Push mouse right button on the picture, and select [Size and Position].
  11. Check [Lock aspect ratio], and resize the picture.

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