SharePoint Server SPOMod: Connect-SPCSOM

SharePoint Server SPOMod: Connect-SPCSOM

This article describes a function of a custom SharePoint module available for download and installation here.


The cmdlet connects you to a particular subsite or site collection on a SharePoint Server 2013 or 2016 where you want to perform other cmdlets (move items, create lists, change settings, etc.). It is necessary to run this cmdlet before other cmdlets. If you do not connect, other cmdlets will return an error or empty results.
The cmdlet is applicable for SharePoint Server. If you are interested for the same function in SharePoint Online, please refer to Connect-SPOCSOM.


 Parameter Name    Description
The URL of a site collection, e.g. 
 Username   The login name of a user, e.g. Administrator


----- EXAMPLE 1 -----

Connect-SPCSOM -Username Administrator -Url

----- EXAMPLE 2 -----

Connect-SPOCSOM -Username $username -Url $url

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