This article explains the new features and installation of Visual Studio 2017 by following certain steps.

New features

The features which are included in Visual Studio 2017 are given below.

  • Build smart apps, which are fast.
  • Find and fix bugs soon.
  • Integration with Cloud.
  • Collaborate efficiently.
  • Delivery quality mobile apps.
  • Level up your language.
  • Craft your IDE.
  • Optimized for performance
  • Deliver software fast

We can know the details way of the above-mentioned features in the link in detail.

Installation Steps

Step 1

First, go to the link given below and download Visual Studio 2017, which looks as shown below. We can see release notes and compare the links in the same page.

visual studio

Step 2

Visual Studio 2017 executable file will open after clicking Download. Now. Click Save button.

visual studio

Step 3

Go to the saved path and double-click executable file “vs_community__266050523.1487883645”. Now, User Account Control Window will open and click Yes button, followed by extracting the executable files.

Step 4

Visual Studio window will open. Read Microsoft Privacy Statement and License Terms. Click Continue.

visual studio

Step 5

Wait to complete the loading. We can see the loading Window, as shown below.

visual studio

Step 6

After loading is complete, the Installing window will be open. We can see the three important menus, which are Workloads, Individual components and Language packs.

visual studio

Workload contains important options.

  • Windows
  • Web & Cloud
  • Mobile & Gaming
  • Other Toolsets

Now, choose what options do you need from the given menu in Workloads. Based on our selection, we can see the install size on the bottom of the right side of the Window.

visual studio

It is automatically selected in the individual components, which are based on what are the options selected on Workloads.

visual studio

Language packs by default select English. If you want an extra language, select what languages are required.

visual studio

After selecting all the options in three menus, click Install button. Before clicking Install, set the installation location to install on our system.

Step 7

The installation will start by clicking Install. It will take some minutes to install. The installation time will vary, which is based on what options were selected.

visual studio

We can see the other editions and install the options, as shown above.

Step 8

After installing, we can see it how it looks below. We can see the Modify, Launch, Repair and Uninstalled options. If we need to modify after installing, we use Modify options.

visual studio

Step 9

We can Sign in using our Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook account. Afterwards, click Not now, maybe later.

visual studio

Step 10

Choose Development Settings and choose color themes for Visual Studio 2017. Click Start Visual Studio.

visual studio

Finally, we can see Visual Studio 2017 with the new look and features as shown below.

visual studio


This article explained about the new features and installation steps of Visual Studio Community 2017. Visual Studio Community Edition is free for individual developers. Using the same steps, we can install Enterprise and Professional Edition.