The destination for Visual Studio extensions (an installable unit that brings additional features to Visual Studio) has been the Visual Studio Gallery for a very long time. However, over the past few months, this has changed as the Visual Studio Marketplace has become the new home of every extension for the entire Visual Studio Product Family.

When browsing to the Visual Studio Gallery, by visiting, you see the banner below containing a link to the Visual Studio Marketplace.

When selecting More Information on an extension in the Visual Studio Gallery tab under Extensions and Updates in Visual Studio IDE, developers are taken to the new marketplace.

Navigating to the Visual Studio Marketplace, you find extensions for:

  • Visual Studio (~7,400 available)
  • Visual Studio Team Services (~400 available)
  • Visual Studio Code (~2,700 available)

As well, there are now more than 200 updated extensions for Visual Studio 2017.

The new site operates the same as the old gallery. You can browse, search, filter and download a .vsix extension to your machine and deploy it locally. As well, if you are signed in via your Microsoft account, you can rate and review the extensions. A new feature also exists on the Visual Studio Code page to show trending extensions for VS Code in the Marketplace.

If you are interested in creating your own extensions, clicking Build your own in the upper right corner takes you to the Extend Visual Studio IDE page where you can learn more about extensions. And if you are a publisher, the same publishing experience also migrates over to the new Marketplace.

Finally, if you have ideas on how to improve Visual Studio Marketplace, you can submit your suggestions through their UserVoice page.