In this post, we will discuss how we can create a site workflow using SharePoint designer 2013 for SharePoint online site as well as we can see how we can use Initiation form parameters in that site workflow.

Site workflows are not bound specifically to any list or document library, but we can run on a particular SharePoint site.

In this example, we will send few users (which we will take from Initiation Form ) to participate in a quiz contest through a site workflow.

Detailed Steps:

Follow below steps:
- Open SharePoint online site using SharePoint designer 2013. Then from the ribbon click on Site Workflow. Then in the Create Site Workflow dialog box, give a Name for the workflow and optionally provide a description. And make sure to choose Platform Type as SharePoint 2013 workflow like below:

- Then first in the Transition to stage, Add a Go to a stage.

- Then add End of Workflow. So the Transition to stage will looks like below:

- Now we will add Initiation form parameters, click on Initiation Forms Parameters button in the ribbon like below:

- Then click on Add... button which will open the Add Field like below. Give a field name and Information type Person or Group. Then click on Next.

Then Allow selection you can choose People and Groups and you can check the check boxes like Allow blank values? or Allow multiple values? like below:

The parameter will looks like below:

Then we will add Send an Email action like below:

Then click on "these users" links. Then click on Workflow Lookup for a User... like below:

Here choose the Data source as "Workflow Variables and Parameters". And then choose Field from source, choose the Parameter SendEmailTo which we have created in above state. Then Return field as "Email Addresses, Semicolon Delimited" like below:

Then the email message will looks like below:

And the workflow will looks like below:

Now publish the workflow and the workflow will be published to the SharePoint online site.

Then go to the Site Contents page and click on Site workflows like below:

Once you click on Site Workflows it will show all the site workflows. Here click on the particular site workflow like below:

Here in the initiation form give the user names like below:

Then you can click on Start button to start the workflow. This will start the workflow.

If you will see the workflow page you will see the workflow completed like below:

Now if you will check the email, you can see the email will appear like below:


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Here we have discussed how to create a site workflow and how to use Initiation Form Parameters.