Seavus Project Viewer 15 is the latest release of the leading project viewer for Microsoft Project mpp files.

This version is powered with collaboration feature, which makes it the first project viewer that allows users to collaborate without leaving the application itself.

Skype for Business is seamless integrated with Seavus Project Viewer, and provide the end users with the following features:

  • Start instant messaging with any team member 
  • View team members contact card 
  • View the presence status of team member. 
This working environment is very suitable for those companies that have offices worldwide or for fast-expanding companies.

The integration creates unique working ambiance, making Microsoft Project Viewer by Seavus central application from which all meetings, scrums and brainstorming are initiated.

Seavus Project Viewer – Skype for Business combination can be effective in many ways: team members can schedule meeting for the burning issues while the project plan is in front of their eyes, anyone can see the presence status of other team members and alert for possible delays.

What is the most important thing for all companies is that this integration makes communications more secure, as messages do not need to leave the corporate intranet, unlike with the Internet-based applications.