To install MS17-010 security update, we need to download the corresponding patch from Microsoft update catalog server depending upon the operating system.

Windows XP SP3

Open Microsoft Update Catalog Server's URL then search for KB4012598.

Click on Security Update for Windows XP SP3 (KB4012598) to view update details and language selection, click Download to download the patch for Windows XP SP3.

Click the windowsxp-kb4012598-x86-custom-enu_eceb7d5023bbb23c0dc633e46b9c2f14fa6ee9dd.exe link to begin the download.

Double-click the downloaded .exe file to install the patch.

Click Next, select I Agree and then click Next.

Click Finish to restart.

To Verify patch is applied or not.

In the CMD, run the
systeminfo  | findstr KB number command to check that the patch is installed.

For example, run
systeminfo | findstr 4012598.