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Welcome to the Microsoft Trusted Root Program (TRP). 

This site contains tools to manage your Root Certificates in the Microsoft Root Certificate Store as well as documentation to help you navigate the Common CA Database (CCADB), a tool developed in partnership with Mozilla to track changes in the Microsoft and Mozilla root stores.  Because both Microsoft and Mozilla maintain CCADB, you will be able to submit updates and have those updates seen by both Mozilla and Microsoft.  This reduces your effort in needing to communicate with both Mozilla and Microsoft and it helps provide a consistently secure ​computing experience across browsers for our customers.  We look forward to partnering with you to continue to provide a secure computing platform for more than 1 billion Windows users worldwide.​

​The CCADB is only for uploading audit information, managing intermediate certificates, and viewing reports.

If you wish to make changes to your root certificate in formation, you please email the team alias:

CCADB Documentation 

Submit Audit Information

Common CA Knowledge Database (CCADB): Submit Audit Information​  


Manager Intermediate Certificates

Common CA Knowledge Database (CCADB): Manage Intermediate Certificates

View Reports

Common CA Knowledge Database (CCADB): Reporting




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