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View CA Reports in CCADB 


  1. ​​Log into Salesforce
  2. Select the "Reports" tab -> select "CA Community Reports" link along the left column
  3. Identify the report that you wish to see.


Whenever you click on the "Reports" tab it will list the reports that you have recently viewed. You will need to click on the "CA Community Reports" to display available reports.

Current List of Reports​


​​Currently Available Reports

​The following are a list of available reports to you:​

  • All Public Intermediate Certs - All Public (non-revoked) intermediate certificates.
  • All Revoked Intermediate Certs - All revoked intermediate certificates.
  • My Blank Intermediate Certs - Intermediate cert records that are missing PEM data.
  • My Included Root Certs - The currently-included root certificates for your CA.
  • My Public Intermediate Certs -- The Public (non-revoked) intermediate certificates.    
  • My Revoked Intermediate Certs -- The revoked intermediate certificates​.


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