Welcome to the Cloud Computing Security site on the TechNet wiki. The goal of this site is to share and promote information and thought leadership on the topic of Cloud Computing security. The decision to place this content on the TechNet wiki was an explicit one, as we realize that the topic of Cloud Computing security is imagea rapidly evolving one and requires that not only the best and brightest minds within Microsoft, but also those in the Cloud Security community, to participate in order to create an authoritative, valid, and actionable set of documents that identify key architectural, design, deployment and management issues and decision points so that security is integrated into the entire lifecycle of Cloud Computing deployments.

The Cloud Computing Security site is a subsite of the larger Reference Architecture for Private Cloud site within the TechNet wiki. A "solution" in this context is considered to be a complete answer to a particular problem. That includes

  • Information for the business decision maker that describes the business problem and the solution at a high level
  • Information for the technical decision maker that describes the technical problem within the business context, and the solution from a high level technical view
  • Information for the solution architect, who is responsible for the architectural design that supports the solution
  • Information for the solution designer, who translates the solution architecture into an actionable plan for the solution implementers (infrastructure and operations)
  • Information for the implementer, who is responsible for instantiating the solution designers plans

The Cloud Computing Security Architecture site is focused on the architectural elements and principles of Cloud Computing Security and focuses on the following major topics:

Please feel free to read the content, comment on the content, and add to the content on these pages. The updated content will be reviewed on a regular basis, and at a certain point in time, we will decide that the content is consistent with a "version 1" release and we will take a snapshot of the content and put it into a Word document that you can download at your convenience. This process will be interactive, with subsequent version updates.

Thank you for participating in the Cloud Computing Security Architecture content development effort! We're confident that with our combined efforts we will together be able to create guidance that will provide significant value to anyone seeking architectural design principles and recommendations for Private Cloud security.


Cloud Identity Scenarios and Solutions for Developers

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