Visual Studio 2017 is available since March, therefore there are still developers who work with old versions of Visual Studio.

There are several unofficial sites where you can download an old Visual Studio’s version but this is not recommended.

That’s why this Wiki explains how to download older versions of Visual Studio from the official Visual Studio website.

VS.NET (2002) and VS.NET 2003 are no longer available for download even if you have a paid MSDN Subscription.

You can only download VS 2005 or higher:

- With a paid MSDN subscription you can use VS 2005 Standard, Professional, etc. depending on your subscription

- With the Visual Studio Dev Essentials (free) you can download only the free VS 2005 Express Editions.

  • Click Downloads


  • In the bottom of the page Downloads, click Older versions


  • Click Sign In or Join the Visual Studio Dev Essentials for free


  • Click Downloads



  • Select the Product type, Developer Tools
  • In the search bar, enter the version of Visual Studio you need to download and tape Enter. You will find the result in the Download Results.


  • Select the version you need and download it or Share This.