UWPConsole help UWP developers to debug their apps by providing foreground and background modes output window.


​Visual Studio 2017

Windows 10 SDK

For Windows 10 1703 version and above foreground mode console can have two display modes "Standard window" and "Topmost tool window" you can choose window mode by specifying "IsInTopMode" property of the  Console class before any first WriteLine call. In background mode console use generic toast notifications for output. The project exposed as WinRT component for Windows 10 1703.  If you want to build the project for Windows 10 1511 you should remove just one line of code, in Console class . 

For easy using UWPConsole in your project there is NuGet package published on you can just type UWPConsole in your project Nuget package manager window search box. 


 It is simple to use UWPConsole in your code, you need just type 

1.UWPConsole.Console.WriteLine("Your text");

 And if you want to use output from background mode just type

1.UWPConsole.BackgroundConsole.WriteLine("Your Text");


​ Console window is standard UWP window with RichTextBlock and looks like as on following screenshot 

Since Windows 10 1703 window can have also top most mode and in that mode  Console window looks like as on following screenshot 

 And for background output (Note you can also use BackgroundConsole from foreground app too )

All source codes you can find on MSDN Gallery.


UWPConsole created for make easy to debug UWP apps