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Moved and restored the Content Database on SQL Server 2016 from SharePoint 2013 and created the web applications but when running the “Test-Spcontentdatabase” PowerShell command:

Error : “Legacy Site Detected”


So, there are two sites which are still using SharePoint 2010 experience.


Follow the below steps.

  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
  2. Connect to the offending content database.
  3. Execute the following query:

    1. SELECT, als.PlatformVersion, aw.Title, aw.FullUrl, aw.ProductVersion, als.Deleted  
    2. FROM dbo.AllSites als  
    3. INNER JOIN dbo.AllWebs aw  
    4. ON aw.Id = als.RootWebId  
  1. Locate the entry that doesn’t have product version 15 or platform version It will look like the below screenshot.

  1. Note the GUID associated with the site you identified causing the issue.
    (This will be the id column)

  2. Run the following query using SSMS connected to the content database:

    1. UPDATE dbo.AllSites  
    2. SET PlatformVersion = ''  
    3. WHERE id = GUID'   

Verify again by running the query at step 3 and once all platform versions are, go to SharePoint Server and run the “Test-SPContentDatabase” again.

The legacy issue will be fixed and you are good to go with uour SharePoint migration.

Hope this will help you. Happy SharePointing!!!