Recently we heard that Microsoft has blocked the execution of custom mark-up in SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint On-Premise. In SharePoint 2013/2016, this functionality is disabled on web applications which are provisioned after installation of June 2017 PU and subsequent PUs. Its mean that calculated fields that contain any unsupported mark-up (i.e. HTML) will not display correctly.


In this article, I am going to share couple of ways to handle this.

One, you can use JSLink to render list fields which is recommended by Microsoft now for both SharePoint Online as well as for SharePoint On-Premise. I hope you know JSLink, if not, please visit links provided in see also section.

Second, Microsoft has provided a new web application setting called as CustomMarkupInCalculatedFieldDisabled using which an administrator can enable/disable this feature at web application level, for SharePoint On-Premise.

This value has been set to $true as default which disables the rendering of the HTML. Below is the Powershell cmdlets to enable it for a web application.

  1. $webApp = Get-SPWebApplication
  2. $webApp.CustomMarkupInCalculatedFieldDisabled = $false
  3. $webApp.Update()


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