Start | All Programs | Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 | Visual Studio Tools | Developer Command Prompt for VS2012 | Right click and "Run as administrator"

Right click and paste the following commands. Update the highlighted words to what you want to name the certificate.

Exclude the "-f" parameter on the  first run or the .pfx file won't get created.

MakeCert /n "CN=Anthony" /r /h 0 /eku "," /e "01/16/2174" /sv Anthony.pvk Anthony.cer 
pvk2pfx -pvk Anthony.pvk -spc Anthony.cer -pfx Anthony.pfx –f

*Note the date format is the US standard MM/DD/YYYY *Note the "-f" parameter is used for overwriting an existing file

In the Visual Studio project properties select "Signing" click on "Select from File…"

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and select the certificate file (*.pfx) 

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