In this year in SharePoint Virtual Summit, Microsoft has announced various improvements to SharePoint Online (Office 365) and One Drive. 
Important and interesting additions/enhancements include introduction of new Communication Sites and Modern Team Sites. These are great addictions to SharePoint Online which enables content authors/users to create/manage their sites easily than before. An user with minimum knowledge on SharePoint can create a site, wiki, how to page, publish articles, create charts, add images, videos, links, documents very easily than before.
Refer the reference section to know more in detail about SharePoint Online communication sites and Modern Team sites.


Differences Explained

# Communication Sites Modern Team Sites
 1 Communication Sites are a convenient way for broadcasting or communicating information to wider audience 
Team Sites are sites created for users to work collaborate as a team
 2 In Communication site, typically there are a small number of users and many readers In a team site, most users contribute content and collaborate each other
 3 There are 3 designs (Topic, Showcase and Blank) available for Communication Sites to choose from while site creation There are no different designs available for Team sites to choose from while site creation
 4  Communication Site are ready made from the get go for sharing information   Team sites are focused on Collaboration and backed by Office 365 Groups
 5  No shared apps are created automatically when communication site is created  A shared Documents, Calendar, One Note, Planner tasks board, mailbox is created automatically when a new modern team site is created
 6  Office 365 groups are not automatically when communication site is created  Creating a Team Site automatically creates Office 365 groups
 7  Communication Sites are private by default   Modern Team Sites are public by default
 8  While site creation, it does not prompt to add users/members to the site  While site creation, it automatically prompts to add additional owners, members
 9  Default top navigation (Home, Documents, Pages and Site Contents) is added when new site is created   There is no default top navigation
 10  There is no left navigation in home page   Traditional left navigation is created by default
 11  Clicking on “Home” in the top menu just navigates to the home page instead of displaying more options  Clicking on “Site Name” link opens a small context menu showing options to navigate to Home, Conversations, Calendar, Files, Notebook, Planner and Members. Also, it shows the numbers of members, option to leave group
 12  There are no such options in Communication Sites  Team Sites show a summary of team members and a link to team conversations in the upper right-hand corner of the site navigation
 13  The security groups are the more traditional SharePoint groups  It is Office 365 groups for permissions in modern team sites


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