Just completed the installation of the Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Service and Portal.  Navigating to the IdentityManagement site we receive “Service Not Available”.  This is a very common error (see Additional Information), so we took a look at the Event Logs.



Reviewed the Application Event Log and found the following information, indicating that the FIM Portal cannot connect to the middle tier.

Log Name:  Application
Source:  Microsoft.ResourceManagement.PortalHealthSource
Date:  8/1/2011 4:24:02 PM
Event ID:  10
Task Category: None
Level:  Error
Keywords:  Classic
User:  N/A

The Portal cannot connect to the middle tier using the web service interface.  This failure prevents all portal scenarios from functioning correctly.

The cause may be due to a missing or invalid server url, a downed server, or an invalid server firewall configuration.

Ensure the portal configuration is present and points to the resource management service.



In the web.config file (found in C:\InetPub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80), we found that the resourceManagementServiceBaseAddress contained invalid information, in that it had double http://.

<resourceManagementClient resourceManagementServiceBaseAddress="http://http://myfimserver:5725" timeoutInMilliseconds="60000" />



We were able to resolve the issue through the following steps:

  1. Modify the web.config file so that the resourceManagementServiceBaseAddress had only one http:// in the address.
  2. Save the web.config file
  3. Open an Administrative Command-Prompt (right click on the Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator)
  4. Type: iisreset and then press the <ENTER> key
  5. Navigate to the FIM Portal


Additional Information

There can be many reasons that we receive the “Service Not Available” message when navigating to the FIM Portal.  This is just one instance of what caused the problem, and how to resolve this specific problem.  If this does not resolve the problem, than you may need to contact Microsoft Support.