List of PowerShell script editors:

Name Shell/Editor Cost Screenshot Comments
PowerShell ISE Both Free  Included in PowerShell V2 and V3. In Windows Server 2008R2 can be installed as a feature.
VS Code  Both  Free   The is open source freeware/platform independent editor developed by Microsoft for all kind of scripting work, can install customized plugins and extensions
PowerGUI Script Editor Both Free

Comes with PowerGUI, a tool that allows you to build graphical MMC-like interfaces on PowerShell commands.

Idera PowerShell Plus Both Free   
PoshConsole Shell Free   
PowerShell SE Editor Free   
PowerSE Editor Free
Admin Script Editor Editor $99/$199/$299    This is now a free editor but it is no longer under development.  It still has some bugs but the Form Editor is pretty good.
Primal Script 2016 Editor $349  Script editor that supports over 50 languages among others PowerShell, VBScript or JavaScript.

VBScript, JScript and PowerShell debugger

and script packager.

Supports PowerShell V2 and V3

PowerShell Studio 2016 Editor $349  The package allows you to create scripts PowerShell, but also it allows to easily build graphical applications based on PowerShell through form designer.

PowerShell debugger and script packager.

Supports PowerShell V2 and V3

PrimalPad 2016  Editor Free   Free VBScript, JScript and PowerShell Editor that fits on a thumb drive and requires no installation.
Power WF Workflow Editor $649  Allows creating PowerShell scripts as a graphical workflow.
VIM  Console Editor Free     this is quite helpful if you want to edit SCRIPT in the Console

PowerShell native hosts are described here.


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