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Ed is a Customer Program Manager on the SQL Server Customer Experience team. He used to be a Technical Writer for SQL Server Analysis Services and PowerPivot. He also worked for Microsoft Hardware (mice, keyboards, webcams) and Microsoft Surface (touch computing). Ed contributes on TechNet Wiki, Forums, and MSDN/TechNet Blogs.


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Ed's blog, User Ed, centers mostly around featuring key technologies on TechNet Wiki:


Ed is the primary blogger on Small Basic, the official blog of Microsoft's educational development program:


Ed is the driving force behind Wiki Ninjas, the official blog of TechNet Wiki (he used to be the primary blogger; now he schedules the other bloggers):


Ed has also contributed on the SQL Server Analysis Services Blog. Ed's blog posts on the SSAS Blog:

TechNet Wiki

All Ed's Wiki articles he authored or co-authored: 


Ed's Profile:


Ed's Wiki-related pages that he updates a lot:

Wiki UX Guidelines - Information about fonts, titles, and more to keep TechNet Wiki looking consistent and easy to navigate.

Non-English Guidelines and Links - A list of links to all the non-English Wiki articles and how to use the code in tags and titles.

Wiki Ninjas Blog Authoring Schedule - A list of who's going to post when on the Wiki Ninjas blog.

TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees - What articles we might feature on the home page of TechNet Wiki.

Wiki Known Issues - All the bugs we know about on TechNet Wiki.

Wiki Feature Requests - All the features people want on TechNet Wiki.

Ed's Profile/TechNet/MSDN-related pages:

Feature Requests for TechNet and MSDN Profiles and Social Platform Tools

How to Become an MVP or MCC

Differences Between the MVP and MCC Awards

How to Request Your Email or Live ID Changed on an MSDN or TechNet Profile

How to Request Access to a Previous MSDN or TechNet Account that You Cannot Access

How to Flag a TechNet or MSDN User Account

Whether or Not You Should Self Propose an Answer in an MSDN or TechNet Forum

How to Get Hyperlinks in Your Microsoft Forum Signature

What to Do When Microsoft Forum Alerts Do Not Work

How to Sort a Forum Thread by Threaded Conversation

What the NNTP Bridge Checkbox Does in the TechNet and MSDN Forums My Settings


Ed has "de-twittered" for now. He might pick Twitter back up in the future.

In Ed's Twitter account, User Ed, Ed tweets mostly about PowerPivot, SQL Server, and SQL Azure:


Ed also tweets frequently for the TechNet Wiki Twitter account (this has been passed to Peter Geelen):



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