Consider the following scenario:

- A WSUS replica is trying to synchronize and it is not able to.

- In the SoftwareDistribution.log for the WSUS replica server, the following information appear: 

WsusService.11 CabUtilities.CheckCertificateSignature File cert verification failed for e:\WSUS\WsusContent\92\8C44A8CC479069434AFB1EC6651C4F4E88217A92.exe with 2148204800
Warning WsusService.11 ContentSyncAgent.ProcessBITSNotificationQueue Invalid file deleted: d:\WSUS\WsusContent\92\8C44A8CC479069434AFB1EC6651C4F4E88217A92.exe
Info WsusService.11 EventLogEventReporter.ReportEvent EventId=364,Type=Error,Category=Synchronization

Error code information:

Convert 2148204800 to hex and you get 0x800b0100.

# for decimal -2146762496 / hex 0x800b0100

  TRUST_E_NOSIGNATURE  winerror.h 

Potential Root Cause

The potential cause for such issues are listed below.

1) Certificate chain issues:

  1. Current root certificate not installed.
  2. Local publishing certificate(s) not installed properly.

2) File issues

  1. Corruption (for any reason) of the file during transfer.
  2. A File was corrupt on WSUS USS