Consider the following scenario:

- A WSUS replica is trying to synchronize and it is not able to.

- In the SoftwareDistribution.log for the WSUS replica server, the following information appear: 

WsusService.11 CabUtilities.CheckCertificateSignature File cert verification failed for e:\WSUS\WsusContent\92\8C44A8CC479069434AFB1EC6651C4F4E88217A92.exe with 2148204800
Warning WsusService.11 ContentSyncAgent.ProcessBITSNotificationQueue Invalid file deleted: d:\WSUS\WsusContent\92\8C44A8CC479069434AFB1EC6651C4F4E88217A92.exe
Info WsusService.11 EventLogEventReporter.ReportEvent EventId=364,Type=Error,Category=Synchronization

Error code information:

Convert 2148204800 to hex and you get 0x800b0100.

# for decimal -2146762496 / hex 0x800b0100

  TRUST_E_NOSIGNATURE  winerror.h 

Potential Root Cause

The potential cause for such issue are listed below.

1) Certificate chain issues:

  1. Current root certificate not installed.
  2. Local publishing certificate(s) not installed properly.

2) File issues

  1. Corruption (for any reason) of the file during transfer.
  2. File was corrupt on WSUS USS