May also be known as "the virtual floppy shuffle".

Applies to:

Hyper-V and Hyper-V Manager enabled devices


Before you can use a floppy disk in Hyper-V, you will have to create it in Hyper-V Manager.

  1.  Right-click the Hyper-V server where you want to create the floppy disk, click New, and then click Floppy Disk.

  2.  Select a physical file and folder location for the virtual floppy. In the File name box, enter an appropriate name, which is cafloppy.vfd in this example, and then click Create.
  3. Once the floppy is created, you will have to mount it into a virtual machine that you want to make use of the floppy disk.

  4.  Use the Hyper-V virtual machine toolbar for the virtual machine to mount the floppy. The first time you mount the floppy, you will be asked for format it. Click Start, click Run, then type A: and press ENTER.
  5.  A dialog box appears to inform you that the floppy needs to be formatted. You can use Quick Format and then walk through the rest of the options.

  6.  Copy the required files from the source virtual machine to the virtual floppy.

  7.  Once the files are copied, unmount the floppy disk from the source computer, by configuring the virtual machine settings for the floppy disk to None.

  8.  Mount the floppy disk on the target virtual machine.

  9. Open the A: drive on the destination virtual machine to access the files that you wanted to transfer.