Information and details you need to know to deploy Windows MultiPoint server 2011 (WMS) in a business setting:

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Hardware Requirements for Windows Multipoint Server 2011

Blog post here.
Vendors of Multipoint Hardware solutions can be found here.

Common Q&A on Windows Multipoint Server 2011

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Needed hotfixes

The SBS blog has posted regarding a needed hotfix that ensure that RDP connections will not be dropped.

While this will be included in an upcoming service pack for Windows, I'd urge you to get it installed. It has been tested by various community members and the Multipoint team and is safe to install.

Slow boot times for your WMS Server?  Unexpectedly slow startup or logon process in Windows Server 2008 R2 or in Windows 7  this is NOT in update rollup 1.1

If you have WMS 2011 joined to an SBS 2011 and have a broken SBS Connector, install Update Rollup 1.1 (below). Details about the broken connector can be found here.

Update Rollup 1.1 is out


After you patch the server, you can reclaim disk space taken up by the patches by issuing the following command from an Administrative Command Prompt  

dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded

This tip came from here.

Installation Videos

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Joining the MultiPoint to a SBS Essentials server

To participate in the domain and to be backed up by the Essentials server, merely install the connector software.  This will also publish the Multipoint server in the RWA application.  See for more detail.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 and Interaction with Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

Joining the MultiPoint to a SBS 2008 or 2011 standard server

To use a MultiPoint server in either a SBS 2008 or SBS 2011 standard domain, follow the similar guidance previously posted here:  Skip the part about installing, but pay attention to where the server has to be moved into the proper OU and the registry edit to get it to show up in RWA.

Unable to get RDP Clients to connect

If you cannot get your workstations to connect via RDP to your Multipoint server, there's a good chance that all you need is to repair the RDS bindings on the assigned network card. And that's accomplished by running a slightly hidden WMS utility called ConfigWiz.exe.

Login as the Administrator, flip WMS to maintenance mode, and then run %ProgramFiles%\Windows Multipoint Server\ConfigWiz.exe. Upon completion of the wizard, flip WMS from Maintenance mode to Normal mode, which will force WMS to reboot.

WMS and Hyper-V

First, if you want to run WMS in a Hyper-V scenario, you will need the WMS 2011 Premium version; you cannot use WMS Standard. WMS 2011 Premium can be used as a Hyper-V host and/or a Hyper-V guest.
Here is an excellent overview of implementing Multipoint in a Hyper-V scenario:

Zero Clients and Hyper-V

Not all zero clients will work with a virtual Multipoint Server.  See below for a list of Zero Clients and support info.
Brand/Model            Works with WMS as a Hyper-V Guest
HP T100                    No (USB)
HP T150                    No (USB)
HP T200                    No (USB or USB over Ethernet)
NComputing X550   Unknown 
NComputing U170   Unknown
NComputing L300    Unknown
NComputing M300   Unknown
MCT 8840                  Unknown
MCT 9940                  Unknown
Wyse E02                   Unknown
Atrust M200               Unknown
Atrust M202              Unknown
Atrust M220              Unknown

WMS and Wireless Connectivity

Yes, it is possible to connect a wireless router to your WMS server/network and allow wireless devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) to connect to login as a remote client!
If you are not able to get your RDP client on your wireless device to connect to your WMS server, try using the WMS Server's IP Address instead of the server name.

Here is a list of tablet-based RDP software that people have used and say that works with WMS. 
PLATFORM    PROGRAM                                 COST    Comments
Android        2x Client Remote Desktop         Free
iPad              Mocha RDP Lite                         Free      Paid version has more connections & keyboard keys
iPad              iTap RDP                                                 Supports RDGateway

WMS and Video/Graphics Card

You will need a decent nVidia or ATI graphics board in your WMS server if you wish to provide video processing for zero-clients such as the HP T150. The Matrox card on the ML110 G7 can't do it.   Be aware that most server quality machines probably have inadequate video for Multipoint, so plan on adding a 3rd party video card.

  • PNY GeForce 8600GT #VCG8600GXPB (256 MB) video card with 285.62 driver (Win7x64) has been used successfully on an HP Z200 workstation running WMS 2011.
  • AMD/ATI Radeon video cards (HP part# 637184-001 spare# 637997-001) also work well.  Note that you want to download the latest video driver WITHOUT the extras - go for "Driver only"
  • Also known to work - the AMD/ATI Radeon FirePro 2450 Dual RC620GL PCIe x1.
  • EVGA GeForce GTX550Ti #01G-P3-1556-KR (1024MB) video card with nVidia driver 296.10 (Win7 x64).
  • For the HP ML110 G7, you can add the following video card with HP Part# BV456AA   NVS300 

If you are running WMS on an HP Microserver, be aware that there are two add-in slots. The inner-most slot is a dedicated slot for the HP RAC Card. Any add-in video card must go in the outer (standard) slot, otherwise the Microserver will not boot.


To enable RemoteFX in Windows MultiPoint Server 2011:
  1. Open the MultiPoint Manager
  2. Click Edit server settings on the Home tab
  3. Check the box labeled "Enable RemoteRX on this computer"
  4. Click OK

WMS and Scanners

For any USB or network scanner to function with Multipoint, it has to follow the same rules as Remote Desktop Services. That means that the scanner driver must support WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) drivers vs proprietary(non-WIA).  If you have a scanner that the included software doesn't work like it should, you need to take a look at Remote Scan. They have a trial you can test with your scanner if you request it.

WMS and Touchscreens


WMS and Barcode Scanners:

Unknown, but most USB barcode scanners are considered keyboard devices, so it should work.

WMS and credit card swipers:

Unknown, but most USB Credit Card Swipers are considered keyboard devices, so it should work.

Zero Clients

A Complete List of Zero Clients and Zero Client Monitors is here click on the "Access Devices" tab.

Helpful tip:  If you are using a VoIP phone system and are planning on connecting the zero clients to the phones via the ethernet jack on the back of the phones, you may experience intermittent connectivity problems, especially if you are using a different IP scheme for your phones.  To work around this issue, program your Zero Clients with a static IP address, while directly connected to your switch (not through a phone).  once you've programed it and assigned it to your WMS server, you should be good to go connecting it through a VoIP phone. 

HP T150 Device Drivers:
Drivers for the HP T-150 are on the HP site (click here). Go to Support, click Drivers, tell it "MultiSeat", select 6200, select WMS 2011, scroll down to Software Solutions. You can also use drivers directly from the DisplayLink site (click here).
HP T200 Device Drivers:
Drivers for the HP T-200 are on the HP site (click here).

Please note: Do NOT mix T100/T150 and T200s on the same server - the drivers are incompatible with each other (this from the HP documentation on the T200).

NComputing X550, U170L300 and M300

Magic Control Technologies 9940 Video/USB/LAN client

Magic Control Technologies 8840 Video/USB client

Wyse E02 (based on MCT above)

ATrust M200, M202, M220

Remotely helping users on multipoint

WMS doesn't work with the following remote control tools due to the way it handles it's "Console" session and the SRCShell user.
- Logmein
- Crossloop

WMS DOES work with the following
- Microsoft Remote Assistance
- Team Viewer

Custom Login Disclaimers

If you use custom login disclaimers on your network, this may conflict with WMS 2011

Installing Software on Windows Multipoint Server

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