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In this scenario you need to deploy your claims-aware application from the development workstation to the Windows Azure environment.

  • Claims-aware application.
  • The application needs to be deployed to Windows Azure.
  • Need  to meet prerequisites  to run the application on the Windows Azure environment.

Solution Approach

WIF is an out of band framework that does not ship with .Net framework and thus is not present on the Windows Azure instances. WIF runtime (not WIF SDK) needs to be installed on the production workstation or server before claims-aware application can run on it. 

  • WIF runtime deployed to Windows Azure by either placing the Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll assembly to application's bin folder or by installing WIF runtime using Windows Azure start-up tasks.
  • Claims-aware application installed on production workstation or server.


WIF runtime includes all required assemblies to develop and run claim-aware applications. WIF SDK includes code samples and Visual studio templates.

How To's

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